FriendlyFinger (Hive Bee)
07-21-03 04:48
No 448746
      propionyl chloride via Cyanuric chloride. ??  Bookmark   

What's the advantage of making acid chlorides via CC?
So far I know that Thionyl chloride is available and relativly inexpensive, but corrosive and also listed as a chemical warefare agent. Phosphours tri and pentchloride have been called "anti-social" chemicals on the hive. What does that mean, too much smell or HCL? S2Cl2 look dificult.

I've read about using Cyanuric cloride, but from what I understand you need equal mole amounts of TEA and the carboxylic acid and 1/2 mole of CC. I'm serching as much as I can but am a bit confused about which way to go.

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07-29-03 13:22
No 450540
      Just guessing, but I think CC might be easier...  Bookmark   

Just guessing, but I think CC might be easier to handle and less suspicious (?).

Thionyl and the P chlorides might arouse suspicions due to their possible uses in drug and chemical weapons syntheses.

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