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07-21-03 22:44
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      homemade aprtment odor control     

ive looked at many ideas for homemede fume hoods, and a couple questions since they are old and not specific.
lets say someone were building a small ( 3'x3'x3') fume hood with a fairly low cfm fan and standard clothes dryer type exhaust ducting. what would be an effective, yet low maintanence odor absorber for it. ive seenkittylitter and fish tank activated charcoal, but which would need to be changed less often (since swij would have to build the filter himself). any design/material suggestions would be helpful.
p.s. about 25 cfm, 15' duct used to absorb acetone,zylene, hcl gas type fumes

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07-22-03 00:27
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      odor absorbant     

This has been discussed many times before. UTFSE, and try a lot of different keywords, such as "odor", "absorb*", "smell" "fumes" etc.

Also, this topic is something for the C&E forum, not Methods.
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07-28-03 20:19
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if you go sticking a gas emmitting tube into the vent system of a gas (CO) burning device then you had better make damn sure that everything flows as you desire.
The gases from the reaction could easily be blown out of the vent.

The gases from the appliance (CO) could be also be discharged into your space.
You must create a venturi effect inside the
draft vent pipe so that a vacuum is formed to suck the reaction gases out AND to not block the exiting hot gases from the appliance.

Also this system will only potentially work when the burners are on. No heat no system.

Check the assembled system with non-lethal methods. (smoke, etc.) before you actually use it.
11-05-03 23:08
      An out there idea
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11-06-03 01:23
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Post 224871 (lugh: "Gas Trap", General Discourse)

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11-08-03 00:29
      I hate to go off topic.....
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11-11-03 06:39
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      fabreeze...the only thing capable of getting...     

fabreeze...the only thing capable of getting the horrible methylamine stench  off the counter....

nah but really, what oder are u trying to rid your place of?