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      Alkaloid from M. Quintuplinervia
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A Morphinane Alkaloid from (Meconopsis Quintuplinervia)

Chinese Chemical Letters
Vol. 14, No. 6, pp 597 598, 2003
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 A new morphinane alkaloid named as mecoquitupline was isolated from Meconopsisquintuplinervia Regel. Its structure was elucidated to be 6-methoxy-17-methyl-2,3-[methylenebis(oxy)]-morphinan-5-en-7-one by spectroscopic techniques.

"Meconopsis quintuplinervia Regel is a traditional Tibetan medicine used for treatments of hepatitis and tuberculosis1. Several chemical constituents have been reported from this plant(2), (3). Here we report the isolation and structural elucidation of a new morphinane
alkaloid named as mecoquitupline (1) from the same plant collected in Qinghai province of China


1. D. S. Luo, Zhong Cao Yao (Chinese Herb Medicine, in Chinese), 1984, 15 (8), 23.
2. M. A. Wang, S. N. Chen, H. D. Zhang, Y. Z. Chen, Journal of Lanzhou University (Natural
Sciencee), 1991, 27 (4), 80.
3. M. A. Wang, Y. Z. Chen, Natural Product Research and Development, 1995, 7 (1) 32.

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