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07-23-03 19:19
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Well, my internet source just dried up. I called yesterday to place an order, and the nice lady on the other end of the phone asked for a fax number so she could fax me an Intent of End Use form. Also, she said that the company now required a photocopy of my driver's license.
I don't have a novelty ID, so I declined her request and hung up the phone. With some searching, I found a store about 1 hr drive that stocks my favorite essential oil. When I go up there this weekend, what should I do if I get asked for an ID? I plan on dressing nice and shaving and putting on my sweetest innocent demeanor.
Should I: a) show my real ID and buy it?
          b) decline and walk out of the store?
          c) throw down more than enough money on the counter, grab the bottle and run?
          d) try to slip her $20 to not fill out the form?
          e) none of the above...please insert advice here.
I am sooo paranoid about fucking buying sass, beacuse it's the hardest chem for me to get... any advice would bee appreciated. peace

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07-24-03 02:59
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I really don't think anybody can answer thast question but yourself.

You need to base those options on the circumstances. If you don't feel right about it don't. I definately would not show a drivers license or give any personel information that is accurate unless I was SURELY going to be using it legitmately. But keep in mind you probably could comply and not be questioned about the order from the DEA until you have purchased a repeat order of a large quantity like a pound or more in a short ammount of time unless you are sell bookoos of sassy soap on the net or something or else you can expect a definate letter, visit, or raid. But I am not certain you may sign that form and before you get home the DEA will be in your house with warrant hauling out evidence waiting to arrest you. The best thing to do is look for a secure source. If they ask your for a signed copy of end user intent and a drivers license then just say sorry that's too personel and walk away.

Look for a  place that hasn't been tainted by DEA threats yet. There out there believe me. Just go to the library and setup a free email account and email fifty companies on the net inquiring about sassy hell even ask them if they would look the other way or mislable package contents for extra money... especially if they are canadian sources. Remember most canadian reatilers hate that the DEA and canada govt pressured by DEA has knocked their huge sales of sassy they just want money and the DEA has cut out a big chunk. What have you got to loose? Just a disposable email acount. If you feel that they may report and suspicous inquiries about pay offs or whatever and are paranoid about the DEA tracking the eamil to an account to an IP and location of computer terminal go to a nearby city library you would not be concerned sa loosing as a resource.

You might also be interested in looking into alternatives for safrole.

There are many chemicals that can be used to end up with the same desired product but do requre a few more steps than distilling oxidizing and amination. But is very well worth it and keeps the thrill alive and keeps it from getting boring.

Just go to rhodiums and look at how many compounds can be made from vanillin and and how relatively easy it is.

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07-25-03 06:30
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Before driving one hour for nothing just phone the company and ask for several compounds and if there are are any formalities as you you want to pick up the items by yourself (so possible) as you are probably around the next days.
Sounds like a serious law abiding customer.
Donīt park your car in sight anyways.

Follow the advice given in the post before in the longer run. Get another source away from sassy.

Btw. hanging up on the question for FAX and ID wasnīt the brightest way to act. If the company is cooperating with LE now and you have oredered before these orders will probably be marked as "suspicious" now. Just asking if you can send the information by e-mail and some babbel would have circumvented this. (perhaps I interpret your "hanging up" wrong, sorry if so)

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