chronic_cook (Newbee)
07-23-03 21:21
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      another orange gak post:  Bookmark   

SWIM is plagued with the orange. But after dreamin' a smooth rxn, and a full-on dirtyest-pills-ever retaliation.. SWIM is convinced it is our favorite red capped devil to blame. It has to be. Has anyone tried another base?
This is simply out of curiosity, and SWIM remebers hearin' Geez knew someone who used retail "ph-down" but never heard back on how that went for the bee.

When SWIM dreams about could be alot of things. But the pills...well the pills were pseudo-clean. But something tells swim it's not the pills...

Has anyone any thoughts?
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07-23-03 21:32
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      same feelings at times  Bookmark   

swiS has had the same feelings at times. what is swic's personal opinion on what it could be if not the pills? swiS has pondered on it, but really to no concrete scientific avail. would very much like to hear others ideas, if any, please?
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07-24-03 07:08
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Post 449185 (SQUIDIPPY: "S/D", Stimulants)

Geez has been working with pH Plus then a small portion of NaOH solution added carefully, measuring pH all the time. Both orange gakks do seem to change solubilities in harsh basic environments which makes them foil the selectivity of an a/b extraction.  Squidippy indicates that even if he increases pH above 13 after his third pull with TSP as the base, he is not extracting more meth, which suggests TSP is sufficient to freebase the meth.

Mostly harmless
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07-24-03 11:04
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      Why didnt i think of that?  Bookmark   

I have been using trisodium phosphate for quite a while now but only for psuedo.  I dont know why i never thought of trying it on meth.  Will give it a try next batch.  Then ill let ya know if it works for steam distillation.  Should work don't ya think?

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07-26-03 03:34
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      well  Bookmark   

First you have extraction. Whats involved? VM&P, epsoms/Na, 99isopropyl, xylene? (STE method) VM&P is a blended low odor mineral spirits. In the search, my thoughts are looking at the blend and the heat vs. the pill stock and something that ALL the pills contain as an inactive. With zyrtec you have 120s that are different only in the type of antihistamine. The rest of the pill is the same as the common garden variety 120s. I was curious too in what would result with STE subsitute ethyl for the isopropyl? There again, what does the alcohol/VM&P/xylene evolve alone( no pill stock) as the heat is increased? My thoughts are in this blended solvent/alcohol/heat area due to the strikingly similar orange deposits I have found on sparkplugs that have come out of vehicles that use fuel with a high alcohol content... Unfortunately I am not a chem adept, nor do I posess the time and space needed for the elimination rounds in such quests....tongue

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07-26-03 10:36
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      theres so many ideas floating around ...  Bookmark   

theres so many ideas floating around here...pretty soon everyone will have tried their ideas and share them. For now, curiosity will siffice
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07-26-03 14:00
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Steam distilled proceeded as usual using only trisodiium phosphate to base.  The ph was measured at 12 using full range ph testing paper.  Its probably just in my head but the end result seemed a little cleaner than usual.

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07-26-03 20:00
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      orange is dependent on PH  Bookmark   

The orange gak is activated at a ph of around 12.5-13.They were right in saying use THP to get the ph up around 10, then very carefully base with lye to get the ph up around 12.5 being very careful not to overbase.Watch your lye bath for any unusual signs and if you see any stop basing and do a pull.You can always do another pull if you dont get what you expected.Good luck.
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07-26-03 23:56
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      might one try  Bookmark   

How about simply making a weaker base solution that can give a more controlled Ph slope to say 12-12.25? (Now it seems those with stir units might be dusting off the ol' stir bars and smiling the big smile. I'll be digging out the paddle/stir rod/bearing... argh.)Is Lye too strong a base regardless of how diluted the solution?
Digital Ph meter... thats a convinience I applaud.tongue

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07-27-03 04:03
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      PH of TSP  Bookmark   

The ph of a concentrated solution of TSP is exactly 12.  No higher no lower.  A concentrated solution is made by adding the tsp to dh20 until no more dissolves or you can add it to your post rxn solution till no more dissolves.

IMO a digital ph meter is a waste of money.  I get a roll of ph testing paper that looks like a roll of tape.  it test full range and cost less than 5 bucks.

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07-27-03 17:52
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      A reason for the frequent change in formulations  Bookmark

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07-28-03 09:12
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      Yeah  Bookmark   

I have like 4-5 different ph papers rolls of hydrion orange 0 to 14 and the 3 and 4 banded strips ya see, along with red and blue litmus, but the dige is prefered due to the decimal. Hence 12.02-03-04-(add lil base) 12.20-22-23-24-25... etc.
As long as the end result keeps you awake, its ALL good.

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