what_monkey (Stranger)
07-24-03 21:40
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      Making a ghetto condenser from a fluoro light bulb  Bookmark   

I have been searching for weeks on how to make a condenser from a fluoro light bulb. I've even tried Rhodiums site with no luck. I've entered every combination of words I can think of. Any help or advice would be very much appreciated.

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07-24-03 22:04
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      toxic  Bookmark   

if im not mistaken, isnt the coating on the inside of flourecent light bulbs pretty toxic? if so, one wouldnt want it mixing with thier goodies.
wouldn't the glass a bit/fragile thin for that?
also, under subject/body, search for "build a" and a good post for building one is in there.

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07-24-03 23:12
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      I believe it can be cleaned out with solvents....  Bookmark   

I believe it can be cleaned out with solvents....I'll try your search idea....thanks
(Hive Bee)
07-24-03 23:13
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      This can't be a good idea...  Bookmark   

It sounds like you're begging for a disaster. A failed reaction at best, but a whole lot worse is likely. There have been other ways of building your own condenser discussed at the hive.
(Hive Bee)
07-25-03 05:58
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      itīs possible  Bookmark   

but by no way worth the effort.
Buy a flask, a Liebig-condensor and a aquarium waterpump. Also Escobar had to make some investments before taking over the Medellin-cartel. wink

Basically: You need a Dremel diamond cutter or forget it. Wrap tube with PVC tape and cut tube on both ends. Have more tubes by hand it wonīt work first time. Wash and brush the white stuff out, use gloves. The stuff isnīt healthy but no deadly poison, the mercury content is miniscuous. Wrap ends thick with teflon tape and remember not to push the tube inside something or it will break. For the waterjacket any plastictube may be used - the space between inner and outer tubeshouldnīt be to big, 2 to 5 mm is ok. Use silicon sealant on the ends and glue in waterin and outlet. This is to be run on a aquarium waterpump not on a full power open faucet! (No lab-condensor is to be run this way).
- The quite fragile ends can be reinforced by a cement/waterglass mix this way a kinsd of conus can be formed and wrapped with teflon tape connected to standard glassware.

But again: It not worth the effort, by no way. It is neither easy nor cheap in the end.
I had invested already to much time - and ego - so I had to finish it. Donīt do it if you arnīt a genius in craftmansship or willing to suffer.

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07-25-03 06:41
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      Ghetto.................no,no  Bookmark   

Take it from someone who tried doing it the cheap way and now is the proud owner of a useless pile of shit.

I hope I never read another thread with the word "ghetto" in it.

Rag is giving you the right advice. Take your time and get the proper equipment.wink

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07-25-03 07:45
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      I found this a long time ago ...  Bookmark   

I found this a long time ago Post 377897 (TrickEMethod: "$30 -> 1st class condenser 100% OTC", Chemicals & Equipment). It may bee of some use to you.

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