ihatemice (Stranger)
07-25-03 15:33
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      Dimethyl-3,4-MDA and Diethyl-3,4-MDA  Bookmark   

I was just reading some text off Rhodium (and I'm not sure if someone has already thought of this but...) about making MDA from MDP-2-P and formamide.

../rhodium/chemistry /mdp2p.leuckart.txt

But didn't know how one would aquire formamide if they did not have access to a chem supply house.

I then read about making Diethyl Formamide from Diethylamine and Formic Acid (both of which are OTC where I come from), or Dimethyl Formamide from Dimethylamine (also OTC where I come from) and Formic Acid. (plain ol methylamine would probably work as well)

Post 430767 (smartbee: "diethylamine", Tryptamine Chemistry)

Anyway, I'm not sure how active some of these chems would be but it all sounds pretty interesting to me.
If anyone has had any experience with these chems then please let me know about it.
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07-25-03 15:56
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      Look at the bottom of this page, and click on...  Bookmark   

Look at the bottom of this page, and click on the PIHKAL link.  Then look up N,N, dimethyl MDA.  The reports on it say that if it has any activity at all, then it's a very bad experience.  There's no entry for the diethyl analogue, but I'd doubt it's much better.  So don't waste your time with these synths, they won't be worth it.

If you can get formic acid, then why not make some ammonium formate with some ammonium hydroxide solution, and use that?

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07-28-03 11:45
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      OTC ammonia formate  Bookmark   

swims seen it in dodgy pound/doller store descaler.

Why bother with two bottles?

Commercial break_______

Do you take two bottles in the the lab ?....Dont,

use AmmFormate today for the lovely looking mda you always wanted, you know your worth it.

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07-28-03 14:08
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      Perhaps a purity issue?  Bookmark   

Why bother with two bottles?

The purity of the solid may be worse than the liquids (which are often sold relatively pure).
(Hive Bee)
07-28-03 14:22
No 450459
      possibly...chief  Bookmark   

But the msds for said product looked pretty damn good..

swim will try to find it.. can't vouch for all otc ammonium formate descaler products thou.

I love the smell of Ketone in the morning.