pooky (Stranger)
07-29-03 03:30
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P was up late, surfing all over and stumbled on a web page that somebody from a university (supposedly) had made.They claimed for reductive amination,one could mix the MeOH with MeNH2.HCL, and then knock off the HCl by adding a chemical.The HCl would form a salt with this chemical, and drop out to be filtered off...to be left with methylamine freebase in MeOH.
Now, P forgot to bookmark the site,and always clears history out, and cannot remember the chemical name.I've just gassed the methylamine, and cannot find this new thing on Rhodium's site nor here.Perhaps it is some narc,or just a fool,or a genius??
(Chief Bee)
07-29-03 03:55
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It can be found on my page (in one of the Titanium(IV)Isopropoxide documents), and the "magic" chemical is triethylamine, which is a stronger base than methylamine, so therefore the HCl migrates from the latter to the former. The Triethylamine Hydrochloride does not "drop out" though, it stays in solution but does not interfer with any anhydrous reductive amination.
(Hive Addict)
07-29-03 07:59
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Maybe that university buy was talking about NaOH.  If you mixed NaOH in there, it would react with the HCl, and form a salt, (NaCl) which would be insoluble in MeOH, and precipitate.  I guess if that's what the univ. guy was talking about, then he probably didn't take into account the fact that water is formed in the reaction, and this would have to be removed with a dissicant if the reaction had to be anhydrous.

It is seductive, way too seductive.             -Eleusis
07-29-03 18:39
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Rhodium,I looked at your triethylamine the other day,and it was not that.Also was not NaOH.P will try to find again,but is difficult because of all the links P went through.