(Hive Bee)
07-29-03 23:38
No 450604
      3rd edition Vogel online, updated
(Rated as: excellent)

I wouldn't have started a new thread for this, but the old thread was closed. I extend my apologies in advance if minor announcements of this sort are unwelcome.

After nearly a year, I have cleaned up my original scans, applied OCR, and made a JBIG2-compressed PDF of Vogel's fine textbook of organic chemistry. Rhodium has hosted Vogel for a year; now there will be at least two sites with the book, with accompanying size/quality tradeoffs.


19th century digital boy
08-02-03 01:20
No 451139
      Thanks a lot for excellent work!  Bookmark   

Thanks a lot for excellent work!
Best regards

(Chief Bee)
08-02-03 02:43
No 451149
      mirror?  Bookmark   

I have linked your page now, do you want me to mirror the file too?
(Hive Bee)
08-02-03 05:16
No 451166
      Thank you :D  Bookmark   

What an excellent work! laugh

Thank you Polverone!cool
(Hive Bee)
08-04-03 06:21
No 451555
      thanks for the offer  Bookmark   

But as long as I remain able to host it, I would prefer that you link to that page rather than mirroring it yourself. Seeing how many people have downloaded books is my clearest indication of their success, and I can't get those stats when the book isn't on my server.

19th century digital boy
08-04-03 20:48
No 451647
      Security !  Bookmark   

That's the reason Rhodium should host it on his site. That server is fully stocked with all kinds of protections for all our members, and he can supply you easily with stats on the usage of the file.
With all the possibilities of the WOD at present, you should seriously reconcider your reasoning :

That link will be clicked by numerous members directly who have no notion of online security, so it can be seen by any webmaster inbetween the route from The Hive to your server, that the last site visited was The Hive.
This is already a bad thing nowadays. LT/

(Chief Bee)
08-05-03 21:34
No 451871
      Mirror, mirror on the net...  Bookmark   

LT: Good point.

Polverone: Tell me if you change your mind, and I'll provide you with monthly stats upon request.
(Hive Bee)
08-05-03 21:48
No 451873
      okey dokey  Bookmark   

If I get to see how many people are taking advantage of it, I have no objections to its mirroring. If you could PM me stats for the last year about the DjVu version, that'd be great (unless your security has included deleting all traffic stats).

19th century digital boy
(Chief Bee)
08-07-03 13:25
No 452275
      Stats for Vogel III  Bookmark   

Only identifyable info has been stripped, I still have # of times each document has been dl'ed, just not exactly when and by whom. The zipped DjVu file has been downloaded about five times daily the last year, and it comprises about 4-5% of my used bandwidth... In comparison, my archive.zip (all *.html and *.txt files zipped) is downloaded on average ~40 times daily, comprising 20-25% of my bandwidth (I updated it today, by the way, it is now 24 MB, containing 47 MB of texts & pictures).

Download stats for vogel's djvu:

Sep 2002: 137 full dl's
Oct 2002: 191
Nov 2002: 161
Dec 2002: 142
Jan 2003: 139
Feb 2003: 114
Mar 2003: 160
Apr 2003: 137
May 2003: 166
Jun 2003: 137
Jul 2003: 144
Aug 2003: 38 (first week)
08-07-03 14:03
No 452279
      It's great to hear the archive has been ...  Bookmark   

It's great to hear the archive has been updated.
I'm downloading it right now.
It's absolutely the best compilation on clandestine chemistry on the net.
I'll pay you back next time you're in Amsterdam. laugh

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(Hive Bee)
08-07-03 18:18
No 452309
      Ullmann`s 6th Ed.(CD) is available with the...  Bookmark   

Ullmann`s 6th Ed.(CD) is available with the file sharing program "eMule"