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07-30-03 09:33
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I have overviewed the synthesis for ketamine on Rhodium and have only found 2 and they are not very descriptive. Is there another url that has a more complete description of the ketamine synthesis?

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07-30-03 15:39
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If you do not think Zealot's post on the complete synthesis of ketamine is descriptive, you really should not be attempting this synth. 

     AFAIK, that is the most straight forward route out there.  If your just looking to get some K, it would be much easier to just order it IMO.  But if you are actually interested in the synth cool, Good Luck To You, cool

     I will not question your chemistry background, however if your are new to the synthing world, this is not the synth for you...

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07-31-03 06:59
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08-20-03 09:47
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What are you talking about there is two detailed synthesis's...

#1 Zealots...
../rhodium/chemistry /ketamine2.html

#2 Think this is Rhodium's personal
../rhodium/chemistry /pcp/ketamine.html

Oh ya then he also the info for converting an imtermediate:
1-Hydroxycyclopentyl-(o-chlorophenyl)-ketone N-methylimine"  or "1-[(2-chloro-phenyl)-methylimino-methyl]-cyclopentanol" or know as othernames...
../rhodium/chemistry /ketamine.html

And then If you only wanna convert ketamine fb --> Ketamine HCl you could use either GaRtRoN's or mine...
Post 411233 (GaRtRoN: "Ketamine freebase dream", General Discourse)K0dog's:
Post 454321 (k0dog: "k0dog's: Ketamine fb --> Ketamine HCl", Methods Discourse)
Also if you Search Around a bit.. on another forum that I seem to have found they have a pretty shitty synthesis so don't use that.. but UTFSE for more info... also check out this post by Rhodium.. it is totally cool bit off topic but really good reading for basic thermal re-arrangments..
Post 453433 (Rhodium: "Information on Ketamine Precursor Imine", Newbee Forum)
Anywyas that is most of the info that I know about.. sorry for the delay... and for the mis-posting

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08-20-03 21:26
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It is not my synthesis, it was written by the Hive member Beagle (aka beagle_boy, hms_beagle and others), as can be hinted on the front page of his dissociatives synthesis collection: ../rhodium/chemistry /pcp/