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      One -pot conversionof ketones to amides or...
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Chemistry Letters Vol.32, No.8 (2003)

Effcient and Rapid One-pot Conversionsof Aldehydes into Nitriles and Ketones into Amides Using Silica Chloride under Microwave Irradiation

 Under solvent free conditions, several aldehydes and ketones were efficiently and rapidly converted into the corresponding nitriles and amides respectively by treatment with hydroxylamine hydrochloride under microwave irradiation using silica chloride as catalyst. The yields of the products were very high and the time required for their preparation was very short compared to conventional heating experiments.............

Conclusion,........ we have developed a novel, simple and efficient method for one-pot conversions of aldehydes into nitriles,and ketones into amides using inexpensive silica chloride as catalyst under microwave irradiation. The yields of the products are very high and the time required for their preparation is very short. The process is environmentally benign

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