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09-02-03 17:13
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      Good information     

There is a lot of really good information in this thread. Shorty has done this forum a big favor with his posts on making hypo from sodium hypophosphite, the hypo reaction, and his notes on I2 reclamation. The notes here on making hypo and removing the salts is very practical information explained in a way that is easy to follow.

Sodium hypophosphite is a "listed" chemical in the United States. It is on the DEA's list of watched chemicals. You can buy it in the United States. You will in all probability get a visit from the DEA after you buy it. the fellow who last got some from the Geez did, and that persuaded him to quit the game entirely. Plan on a visit.

People using freebase pseudoephedrine in an HI reaction need to remember that the freebase in an acid environment will become a salt and not remain the freebase molecule. The exothermic reaction and sudden fuming you see is not just the reaction kicking off, it also is the freebase being converted to pseudoHI. When the solution is completely liquid and no pseudo freebase crystals remain, all the pseudo has been converted to the salt form. If you allow this take place in an ice bath, or even a pan of cool water you keep the conversion and heat of that conversion from jump starting the reduction. Let the acid convert the freebase to the salt form first, then let the reaction proceed. It seems best to avoid the fuming if possible.

Cookie Monster
10-06-03 20:24
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      How critical are these times.     

        How critical are these times mate, as opposed to letting it sit for maybe 5 hours instead of 1. Also the hydrocloric acid i seem to be able to get here in Oz seems to be 30% not 37%, so i figure an xtra dash of acid instead of adding less dh20 once evaporated would be more appropriate?
10-07-03 02:16
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      Geez, Take a look at this please......     

Swim doesnt' know for sure but check out electroless nickle plating and the stuff used to do the process. Swim thinks you will be surprised about what comes in the kit. No red flags as of yet. Also, most importantly no UN-welcomed visits.  wink

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10-07-03 03:30
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      Longer is better     

I have found that the longer it sits the better.  I now allow it to sit overnight at the very least and have left it for as long as 3 days with the same result as overnight.  As for the weaker acid, i would just proceed as written and then just evap for a little longer.  Just keep a record of how  much was used/evapped etc. and within a few tries you should be able to find the proper amounts.

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10-07-03 05:26
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      1st try last night.     

I cottoned onto a 25kg bag a couple of weeks ago and decided to give it a lash yesterday. Everything was the same xcept i let soak for about 5hrs and i dare say the temp would have probably been closer to 120c - 130c. The only difference i noticed was that with the hypo i was using before you could pretty much guarantee the cook would be no longer than 2hrs this one took 3 1/2hrs until the stench of I had disappeared,other than that the quality was excellent, yield, 12g from 30g but my flask  cracked so i lost a few more, and this was from a 30,30,30 mix.I can't believe how simple it is to make the acid, i once had to pay $3000.00 Oz for one litre about 18 months ago, never again.So anyway credit given where credits due, much appreciated you posted that thread. Thanks a helluvalot.
09-29-04 22:24
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      cation exchange resin method/procedure     

Swim obtained some cation exchange resin and had a few questions.  Is an exchange column mandatory or is there a gheto method of using the resin.  Any advise is appreciated.

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09-29-04 23:10
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      Hide and seek!     

It seems we have a lot in common...
We're both tough to find & hard to pin down...but when located and stimulated just right...Let the blast beginshockedblushtongue

Seriously though. Some things work more effectively with the proper equipment they were designed to work with.
Size matters believe it or not!
Especially where precision is concerned.
This link doesn't answer your question directly but will give you some good ideas on how to proceed.
I even learned a few things reading the first few results in the 147 returned.
Use the clustered results in the left frame to pinpoint the category that best serves your needs

If the shoethrows fits...Ware Itout