Alexander_Monday (Stranger)
07-31-03 10:35
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Several people I know have claimed that they can detect a marked differance in the quality of meth from a fresh batch verses the same batch two weeks later. I can't say that I've noticed it to be true and I wonder if it might just be they're imagining it. Of course I would never say that to them as I've got some very sensitive friends. Still it is worth considering before making that 20lb lifetime personal supply batch and storing it away down in the fallout shelter along with the dehydrated fruits and vegetables. Maybe it would be wiser to store the componants and assemble it later. However sudifed probably has a finite shelf life as well. Maybe I should consider just quitting someday. hmmmmmmmm
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07-31-03 13:44
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      Maybe you should hang out with less sensitive...  Bookmark   

Maybe you should hang out with less sensitive and more sensible people.

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07-31-03 14:45
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      Yes there's a huge difference !!!!!!
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....Two weeks of drug use resulting in sleep deprevation, dehydration, malnutrition to some degree and for me at least a decided drop in concerns of things like personal hygeine and general standards of cleanliness around the house, car, shed,mate's shed,beard,dogs burr filled coat and in extreme cases even lawn care and hedge pruning are not regularly maintained.(which can be very obvious in those types of neighborhoods with spastic shaped hedges vaugely resembling shapes of some common animals found in nature that have little to do with , nor likely give a rats ass about hedges and their shapes anyway)
(an interrupting thought ;
If your hedge is shaped like an animal and you like that........fear not, I am certain science will enlighten us all and announce the discovery of your illness very soon)
What the hell was my post about? Oh yeah meth has a shelf life.......NOT! Unless the container is left open to cockroaches (gajua) or Rain (drops of H2O dust particles, pesticides, shuttle shrapnel, astronaut, borg nanoprobes and probably dog hair since the shit's in everything else I own. They tend to be travelling on a downward course and love nothing better than to go splat on something tin and make humans think how nice it would be to get beneath that same tin with another human and enjoy the sound of the splats while frantically and repeatedly humping in and out with pained looks until one of them groans, dribbles or spurts some sploogey gunk about the place and leans back feeling like god for a minute before pondering the splats again and how nice it would be now to sleep with that sound ,.,,opvl[,b;]]zzzzzzzzzzzzz.) Or finally, other meth users. These are likely to have an effect on the product more than rain and cockies combined and frequently seem to refuse to acknowledge the 70% of the normally used human brain available to them and stumble on underbrained and ignorant....which has it's merits now I think about it and could well be the explanation for the existance of country music too!!!lol
I would carry on with my amazing writings of discovery in all I see, but I have entertained myself enough for now and bid you all howdy, and g'bye in one :)

P.S. Meth will not change in quality, nor does it get wet in baggy and turn to mush, go brown, rot the plastic or require the addition of MgSO4 to keep the moisture out or any other additives for any reason whatsoever. Leave some clean crystals out on a plate in the spare room or somewhere and you'll go back to the same crystal whenever you go back there weeks months whatever, try it and see.

pps, it's a theraputic thing to write something so rediculous and present it publically all in the name of self amusement, I think I might now go masturbate cause that amuses me also hehehe.

Regards, Hematite.
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07-31-03 23:29
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I'm inspired by Hematites beautifully tweaked ramblings to compose some (hopefully relevant) verbal infotainments of my own.

Once an imaginary person, who bought his party favors from some guy who preferred not to be called Lawrence, walked in on Lawrence as he was fattening up a baggie full of white stuff with something that's commonly acronymed MSM. (not MSN)

Lawrence looked alarmed at first but then attempted to improvise and quickly explained his actions with words to the following effect.

"Oh, uhhh, I was just doing you a favor because if you add this stuff it adds shelf life to your stash. Yeah, yeah that's it. Shelf life. That's the ticket!."

The imaginary person humored Lawrence and pretended as if  some great, esoteric knowledge had just been imparted to him. He responded this way  'cause Lawrence always carried a fokkin' stun gun and sometimes would use it if visitors did not treat him like he was the coolest guy in the world.

The imaginary person always knew that Lawrence's party favors were diluted but before this he'd never heard the BS excuse that MSM added shelf life to product.

Lucky for the imaginary person he learned to eventually provide his own party favors and never had to deal with the likes of Lawrence and his stun gun again.

And he lived happily ever after.

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08-01-03 06:49
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      Agree with Hema
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I have never noticed any difference and i leave mine in a glass bowl in a drawer not sealed.
As far as the pills are concerned, i could be wrong, but its not the pseudo that goes bad but rather the additives that they put in them in order to control the rate at which the pseudo is released into the body.  They have some really complex formulations using several different types of methods.  This is also one of the reasons for the ever changing pill formulations.  Check out this file it is quite interesting and useful.

This is from the first page:

The number of products based on new drug delivery systems has significantly increased in the past few years, and this growth is expected to continue in the near future. Recent advances in the field of genomics have accelerated research of biopharmaceuticals, and today a large number of companies are busy developing protein and peptide-based drugs. These biopharmaceuticals present challenges to drug delivery scientists because of their unique nature and difficulty in delivery through conventional routes. Therefore, future research will focus on the delivery of these complex molecules through different routes, including oral, nasal, pulmonary, vaginal, rectal, etc. This review is an up-date on some of the existing drug delivery technologies for oral controlled-release, delivery of large molecules, liposomes, taste masking, fast-dispersing dosage forms, and technology for insoluble drugs. Nasal, pulmonary, vaginal, and rectal routes also are briefly reviewed.

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