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07-31-03 18:47
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      Reguarding the sythesis of Methcathinone (KMnO4)  Bookmark   

My synthesis is guided by the Methcathinone FAQ 2.2 "Making Methcathinone by way of Ephedrine oxidation via Potassium Permangenate"

I extracted the ephedrine from 12hr 120mg pseudoephedrine by crushing them and dissolving in water and heating till completely dissolved

That was filtered through a cloth material I found that worked much more time effectively than coffee filters

I then cooled Potperm solution and the ehedrine solutions and mixed for 8hrs the outcome was a light brown liquid that smelled sweet (this is where some beleive it is a ketone and some beleive it is nothing but benzyldahyde)

This was then filtered through a cloth filter again and a clear still strongly smelling liquid with no parcipitate.
Before taking the time to evaporate it I measured a slightly higher than active dose assuming I had yeilded 100% out of the solution and drank it with some gatorade, no effects of speed were noticed but my stuffed nose was instantly cleared.

I tried drying some and here is where my problem comes in, I set it up in a pyrex pie plate on the stove on low and took a hair dryer to it, a parcipitate was soon noticed and I ended up with a clear gelatin like clump, I tried thinning the next one with denatured alcohol and still got the same problem, my question is:

     How do you get the solution of Methcathinone into a powder or or dry crystals?

Post me a msg if you want more information about measurements and lab procedure specifics and we can make private chat arrangements or e-mails.


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07-31-03 21:35
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      what are you doing...?  Bookmark   

First off you did not extract the ephedrine at all..... all you did was dissolve the caps in water....then filtered the non-polar parts of the caps.. if theer is any (which I believe there shouldn't be...at least for the caps I use).  Then you mix the kMO4??? dude try looking on the freaking TFSE.. there is an excellent post by... hmmm
Post 437521 (Vibrating_Lights: "Solvent free permanganate Oxidation Of Ephedrine!!", Stimulants)check his reaction out it works better... but you still need to extract you Ephedrine so try looking at Post 440177 (VideoEditor: "New Straight to E -- a novel extraction tech.", Stimulants) You are using an old extraction technique from years ago.. since then they have added gakk.. both orange and blue.. maybe others.. if you need more help.. first use TFSE.. then you could msg me if you like...

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08-01-03 01:00
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Discuss these things in the goddamn stimulants forum, will you?

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08-01-03 17:16
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sorry your right I should have told him to cahnge it... but I'm no mod.... also to the person asking UTFSE.. there is a bunch of info....

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