cilliersb (Hive Bee)
08-01-03 11:22
No 451023
      Fairly Novel DMT Attempt  Bookmark   

Indole-3-carbinol (1) can be had for next to nothing on the web. Reacting this with HX (well HI or HBr) will form indole-3-methyliodide. (2)

Purchase some 2-Dimethylaminoethyl chloride Hydrochloride (3) from your chem supp. react the freebase of (3) with Mg and we are on for grignard. (resulting in DMT)

Now the older beez will be more knowledgable on such things, but this bee will make a project out of it once viability has been confirmed.

Any ideas guys?
08-01-03 13:10
No 451029
      Indole-carbinol is 3-(hydroxymethyl)indole.  Bookmark   

Indole-carbinol is 3-(hydroxymethyl)indole. Oh, and you should try to count the carbons of your product...
(Hive Bee)
08-04-03 11:56
No 451581
      Typo  Bookmark   

I know what Indole-3-Carbinol is, else I wouldn't have suggested this.

Sorry, DimethylAminoMethyl Chloride Hydrochloride is the reagent not DimethylAminoEthyl Chloride Hydrochloride.
Still a new method of DMT production, unless nobody has the time to say why it wouldn't work.
Sorry Guys
08-04-03 13:19
No 451589
      How would you prepare the ...  Bookmark   

How would you prepare the chloromethyl-dimethylamine? Under which conditions would you let it react? Are there similar published reactions?

What do you expect from us? If you want to start a fruitful discussion you have to prepare yourself (and us)!

E.g. it took a while of my (and probably others) time to find out that indole-carbinole is  hydroxymethyl-indole. If you did know it why didn't you post it???
(Chief Bee)
08-04-03 13:22
No 451590
      Nice choice of chemical  Bookmark   

Me2CH2Cl is only $150 for 5 grams... And no practical amateur prep route exist.
08-04-03 20:51
No 451649
      It is not in the Aldrich catalog and not in...  Bookmark   

It is not in the Aldrich catalog and not in Chemfinder. Where did you find it? And how do you know that there is no easy synth?
(Chief Bee)
08-04-03 23:31
No 451676
      N,N-Dimethylmethyleneammonium chloride  Bookmark   

Beilstein Crossfire said it was sold by Aldrich as 48,389-3 N,N-Dimethylmethyleneammonium chloride, CAS [30354-18-8] - it is the chloro analog of Eschenmoser's Salt, which is the Iodide.

Beilstein only listed really yummy synths, such as the reaction of Me2NH with Cl-CH2-O-SO3H and similar toxic, corrosive and carcinogenic brews.

You probably didn't find it as Chemfinder didn't check for the methyleneimine tautomer.
08-05-03 01:12
No 451688
      Oh, that's a completely different compound.  Bookmark   

Oh, that's a completely different compound. Actually it's not even a tautomer smile but the dehydrohalogenated chloride of our compound. I don't think that there could be an equilibrium between them.
(Chief Bee)
08-05-03 01:47
No 451692
      dehydrohalogenated hydrochlorides  Bookmark   

Isn't a "dehydrohalogenated hydrochloride" per definition a sort of tautomer (if not, what is the relation then called, as it is most definitely reversible)? Anyhow, Beilstein crossfire use both forms interchangeably, so I trusted them...
08-05-03 15:44
No 451795
      Tautomers are interconvertable by a formal...  Bookmark   

Tautomers are interconvertable by a formal migration of one hydrogen.
Beilstein doesn't list both chemicals as identical or equivalent. Both compounds have similar trivial names and the trivial english chemical nomenclature has its weakness... Since Beilstein is full of crappy entrances I think it's just a mistake, made by some unmotivated students while typing in the data or made in some ancient publications.
08-14-03 09:18
No 453481
      Re:  Bookmark   

I am not a stupid person. That being said, you guys make my brain throb.