Glacial_Refluxer (Hive Bee)
08-03-03 16:21
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Do any of you experienced fungi growers see any problems
with this plan?

Order a few spore syringes of "golden teacher".

Prepare/starilize a finely blended mix of cow dung, bird
seed, and brown rice.

Put steril growing media in a steril envirenment, keep
humid at 85`F

Impregnate the media with the spores, wait till fully

Pick fungi and put in sealed container above calcium
chloride untill dry.

I know I left out some details but am I headed in the right

Why are spore prints more expensive and always sold out
before sryinges?
(Chief Bee)
08-03-03 17:44
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08-05-03 06:10
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ya I think your headed in the right directions, I'd take a look at that website Rhodium suggested if you haven't already

make sure you sterilize the fuck out of it , bird seed needs heat and pressure to sterilize the inside of the grains,
use pressure cooker
85 may be a little high i'd go with upper 70's low 80s you have a hygrometer right? if you don't, get one.

spore prints contain a whole lot more spores than pre-made syringes, transferring prints into syringes isn't for the newbie, in some cases people just scrape spores onto they're  casing medium and mix it up.

p.s you can get a electric thermometer / hygrometer at a certain shack that starts with a R for around 20 bucks
(Active Asperger Archivist)
08-05-03 11:52
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Couldn't get the page to come up, so I don't know if they're still around but Here:

Act quickly or not at all.