hellman (Soothsayer)
10-19-03 06:42
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      codeine to morphine via BCl3     

Ok, I think it is time that the hive solved it's opiod problem,.

Now, BBr3 is heavily watched, and very hard to aquire, and even harder to make,.Pyridine is similar, but with an awful yield, unless you re-react the unreated products, to increase yield, but in practice I am not aware of anybody doing this,.

Well that's ok, but BCl3 (boron trichloride) is completely unwatched, I won't name it here where to get it, but it is available in vast supply.

Now, Rhodium has mentioned that there is a co-catalyst that works with the BCl3, Me(I) or something,.
I've tried to find it, but I believe rhodium may have the papers,.

Now, if this secondry presursor (me(I) or whatever turns out to be aquirabl;e, then the show is over for morphine,.

Ok, rhod's,
Do you still have those papers? on the BCl3 and ?.
So I could imagine, that if we can lick this, then a lot of people are going to sleep well, (parden the pun,.)

cheers in advance

placid nice and soft,

it's kind of like making it into a powder, but without powderising it,- if you know what I mean,
(Chief Bee)
10-19-03 16:34
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      BCl3 ether cleavage?     

When did I mention that, and in what context? Maybe you should search for one of the ether cleavage reviews I've posted here and see if you can find the ref there.

What do you mean with Me(I) - methyl iodide?
(Hive Bee)
10-20-03 03:33
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      Re: BCL3     

Some of the properties of BCl3......


also try reading this.....java

Post 239486 (GhEttoKheM: "some opiate chem questions", Chemistry Discourse)

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