8ball (Hive Bee)
12-10-03 02:29
No 475801
      Xylene for Oz bee's     

Painting my house the other day and ran out of thinners to clean brushes, so of i went to the local hardware to purchase some and literally fell arse over tit on a 20 litre drum of dulux CR Reducer. After the succeeding profanities, i said i will also take that, i would hate to see someone hurt themselves.

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12-10-03 18:24
No 475953
      shit's everywhere!     

swiaj was looking for some tolly at the local aussie hardware store and, well there was no tolly but there was a bloody big tin of "xylene"...no ifs or buts...just plain old xylene...also, if anyone is interested, brake cleaner is alive and well in oz.  just boil off the dichloromethane(bp=40 c)have fun, bye for now,
                               aunty jack

holy sheep shit!!
12-11-03 10:37
No 476100
      OzBees and Bees of the World     

Cautionary Note on heating Chlorinated Hydrocarbons and the like:
Please remember that these chlorinated products are toxic and the toxicity levels increase at concentrated levels.
If it's a must, Any boiling off should be done outdoors or at least in a very ventilated area and the persons should vacate the premises after safeguards are in place to avoid the accidental exposure to toxic limits.

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